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Bring your brand to life through the power of video 18/04/2011

According to Google, people in the UK spend more time browsing the internet than they do watching TV. People are online, they’re using the internet as a source of entertainment and information, but how can you harness their attention to sell them your products?

Bring your brand to life through the power of video

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  1. Power of video
  2. Bond Solon video example
  3. Oasis video example
  4. Ikea catalogue launch video example
  5. Vidzone example
  6. SEO - video search
  7. Square i Media video content

Power of video

"The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention."
Kevin Kelly

A recent study conducted by the Online Publishers Association, found that 69% of online users have watched a video online, and 24% do so at least once a week. Most interestingly out of those surveyed it was found that 66% have viewed an online video ad. 

Increasingly we are checking the online news, watching yesterdays TV on BBC i player, be inspired by TED and instant messaging our friends to make sure they see the latest Youtube viral hit. Have you seen the 'dancing techno-viking'?!

Bond Solon video example

“On-line video delivers entertaining, informative content with the ability to elicit an emotional response together with the direct response capabilities and interactivity of the internet.”
Wall Street Journal

OK GO’s new single is on the soundtrack to ‘New Moon’ (the new movie in the Twilight series) perhaps in part because of the 48,515,794 views their infamous ’On Treadmills’ Youtube video has received. There is serious exposure to be had by topping a search on Digg, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion or Kewego and money to be made by enabling sponsors to associate them with your success. 

Some groups are taking online video very seriously. The law firm Bond Solon have begun alerting solicitors to changes in law via video on their website. The seminar giant Euromoney uses online video to feature in-depth interviews with their latest high profile key note speakers.

Oasis video example

Whether comical, educational or promotional, video online is serious business. This is a sector experiencing massive growth, and is increasingly seen as a more effective and economic communications method in reaching an audience and measuring the impact whether for televisual programme content or video advertising and marketing.  

Interestingly, in a recent survey carried out by the Kelsey Group, of the 59% of adults surveyed that said they had viewed a video ad on the internet, 43% went on check out the website. 

Streaming video delivers nearly three times higher brand awareness and message association, and more than 100% higher purchase intent and online ad awareness than non-rich media ads. Video also performs extremely well in 'search' (particularly youtube videos, as google owns youtube). 

The UK remains the world leader in terms of market share for online, with the medium accounting for 23.5% in the first half of 2009. The Results signal a significant restructure of marketing budgets as advertisers follow their audiences online and look to the internet for even more measureable and accountable methods.

Overall online advertising expenditure in the UK grew 4.6% to £1.75 billion in the first half of 2009 overtaking TV for the first time, according to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

When viewers can click onto something new when-ever they get bored how long do you need to hold their attention to get your message across? Corporate marketers have moved in to help answer that. Oasis for example is allowing customers to shop while watching the branded IPTV on their website. 

Ikea catalogue launch video example

In the first half of 2009 internet advertising weathered the recession and grew by 4.6%, despite the entire advertising sector contracting by 16.6% during the same period. Hence a continuing shift from more traditional forms of advertising to online, which promises return on investment and measurability in a period of instability.

This market growth is set to continue as both the value of video on the internet and the consumer demand for watching video on-line explodes. 82% of people in the US watched an average of 9.7 hours of online video in August 2009 with consumption in the UK equally high - both markets have been growing for the past few years now with that trend set to continue – so much so eMarketer estimates that in the next four years marketers’ spending on online video advertising will reach $4.6 billion, more than seven times the amount spent in 2008.

With the proliferation of video, the internet has become a highly engaging entertainment medium. Advertisers are willing to experiment and invest in more engaging and interactive multimedia content. Take IKEA’s investment in their 2009 UK catalogue launch.

Vidzone example

Other major players are entering the market and changing the rules as they do. Sony Playstation’s Vidzone channel for example, downloadable from the website to the PLAYSTATION 3- streams thousands of music videos to the consol (and therefore your TV) to watch whenever you want, completely free of charge.

The music videos it offers are the same videos MTV channels and VH1 choose for viewers to watch, it’s not hard to see how they might be have success by enabling everybody with a consol to set up their own playlists and become a DJ. This in-turn helps artists get paid and allows the average consumer to feel closer to them, and to support the music they care about.

SEO - video search

As with online video, the Results of a marketing campaign on such platforms are also very measurable. Statistics are available with regard to the age, sex, location, and the follow up action of viewers (eg visiting your website and purchasing a product) making investment and brand sponsorship all the more tangible an option, and an option that is increasingly being taken up by big brands. 

A recent article published on The BBC’s website has noted the growing trend towards on-demand viewing which is now starting to exert pressures on the world of commercial television. 

The more platforms of this type that open up, the more opportunity there is for the discerning new-media consumer to get the educational, comical or news based content they want, and the greater the incentive for advertisers to continue their migration from more traditional channels to online.

So, whether or not human attention is less abundant in the 21st century, it is apparent that there are a far greater number of calls on a viewer’s attention, and ever-evolving methods of keeping that viewer in front of the media aimed at them.  

Marketers can now easily access and manage in-depth information resulting from an on-line audience viewing their video content. Furthermore, rich media content improves the viewer experience and increases their brand awareness, which in turn leads to higher purchase intent than traditional media.

The speed and accessibility of click through purchasing through video is improving and becoming more wide-spread. It is also becoming increasingly search friendly, and you can now see the letters HD on many media players alerting the viewer to high quality high definition images.

Online video is undoubtedly an effective tool for the marketer, and for everyone else it’s a great way to pass the time, have a laugh or learn a thing or two.

Square i Media video content

All of the video content in this article was produced by us Square i Media, a leading company in the new generation of multi-platform video production. We have developed pioneering online and mobile solutions, and offer IPTV and content models that achieve real return on production investment for clients. The company produces television, corporate media, and video content for websites that engage an audience and bring together all the Benefits of streaming content. We have developed a highly effective way to monetise video content on our client’s websites and increase retail sales by enabling the viewer to click through directly from the video.

Nick Price, commerical director, Square i Media

Nick Price, commerical director, Square i Media

Nick Price is the commercial director of Square i Media. Having a built a reputation as a video producer/director, Nick now works in the development of commercially viable IPTV and new-media projects.